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Each batch of Harvest Song Award - Winning Preserve begins with the fertile ground of biblical Ararat Valley, famed as the landing site of Noah's ark. We pride ourselves to be one of the few main preserve makers that use volcanic soil grown Fresh fruits ONLY .

Each batch is cooked using old fashion methods in HACCP certified cannery meeting all International Hygiene Standards and certified Orthodox Union

They are slowly simmered in small batches and allowed to thicken without use of any pectin (jellying component) This method allows us to have more natural sugar from the fruits, which is less sweet and lower calories than ordinary jams and preserves.

"I hope you enjoy tasting these award winning preserves from the deep rural mountains of Armenia."


"Armenia is blessed with a rich natural environment, full of broad green pastures and expansive meadows covered in multicolored wildflowers. Fruits and vegetables in Armenia are grown 1400-1800 meter above sea level in thin air and direct sunlight. Fertile land and exceptional spring waters give Armenian fruits and vegetables an unparalleled succulent taste. In addition, a range of microclimates and altitudes in the country allow for unique and delicious fruits and berries."

US Department of Agriculture

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Thank you for the great preserves. Everyone really enjoyed it....
Especially my mom! Good luck in 2012
Guy Fieri
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