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Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin, Roth Käse's chalet factory houses a Swiss-made copper vat for the traditional production of Gruyère. We use time-honored recipes and the freshest local milk to craft our cheeses. Our cellar master and his team meticulously tend to the cheese throughout the curing process to insure that each cheese that leaves our care meets our highest expectations. This commitment to excellence has earned Roth Käse cheeses over 100 awards in regional, national and international competitions over the past decade.

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Cheese Pairings

Harvest Song Artisinal Preserves

I have spent much of my life educating people about cheese, primarily chefs and trade professional in the food industry. I often present programs on cheese trends, the most noteworthy being a renaissance of artisinal, farmstead ands specialty cheeses from cheese makers in the U.S. , and the resurgence of the "Cheese Course" on today's menu. Historically fresh and dried fruit and nuts have been traditional accompinaments to cheese courses. The fruit portion of this equation has evolved to include preserves and fruit compotes that now take their place next to many cheeses on cheese courses.

Over the years I have seen hundreds of cottage industry food people go into the jam, jelly, and preserve business. So many that I didn't think there was room for any more. As soon as I tasted Harvest Song Preserves, I knew I was wrong. I have used every single one of Sylvia's preserves with various cheeses, and they just love each other. As I travel much of the world with my own cheeses, cutting boards and knife kits, I have another kit that always travels with me, a kit full of Harvest Song Preserves. Everywhere I go people are amazed at how well these preserves pair with cheese.

On a recent trip to the Bahamas we presented passed appetizers and a finish cheese course for a winemakers reception and dinner at the famous Graycliff Restaurant. The meal featured U.S. Cheese, Meat, and California wines, and the Bahamas Culinary Team prepared the menu. Proceed from tickets sold for the reception went to raise funds for the Bahamas Culinary Team for their upcoming trip to the culinary Olympics in Germany. Since I was preparing the cheese finish course I felt great pressure to make the course rise to the same level of excellence as the rest of the menu prepared by the Culinary Team. Even though the cheeses were outstanding, the condiments served with them put them over the edge, and they stole the show. Everywhere in the world I have taken Harvest Song preserves, they have opened eyes, minds, taste buds, and doors.

I often refer to Pinot Noir as a Chameleon of wine, paring well with almost any food. If there is a chameleon preserve that goes with most all cheeses it is the Harvest Song Apricot. I think you would have a hard time finding a cheese it doesn't go well with!

Even though apricots pair well with many cheeses, they have a special affinity for well aged hard cheeses. As they age, hard cheeses develop rich, buttery, nutty flavors that are sometimes accented with a slight fruitiness in the background. When you first taste these preserves, you will see that no other apricot, fresh or dried can compare with them. Intense Apricot aromas and flavors of Apricot will invade your senses. When a taste of the cheese is followed by a touch of apricot paste, it contrasts the rich, nutty flavors from your palate, and compliments the slight fruitiness in the background flavors of the cheese.

  • Parmagiano Reggianno
  • Gran Padano
  • American Grana
  • Monterey Dry Jack
  • Petite Basque
  • Gran Queso

Apricot & White Cherry
The intense flavors of Apricot are softened by the sweet White Cherries, and together they pair well with many different cheeses.

  • Cream Cheese
  • Mascarpone
  • Yogurt
  • Fromage Blanc
  • Brie
  • Baby Swiss
  • Emmental (Aged Swiss)
  • Gruyere

Pear & Apple
Blue cheese and pears are a quintessential combination as are Cheddar with apples. Likewise, the pear and apple preserves pair very well with a wide range of Blue Cheese and well-aged Cheddars. The crisp, clean flavors of apples and pears cut through the bold assertive flavors of these cheeses, leaving the palate fresh and clean. Pear and Apple preserves are also perfect accompaniments to fondue, fonduta, and Welch rarebit. One of my favorite ways to use them is as a side dish to accompany an old fashioned Mac n cheese made well-aged Cheddar.

  • Roquefort
  • Blue D Auvergne
  • Gorgonzola
  • Stilton
  • Hubbardston Blue
  • Buttermilk Blue Affinee
  • Red Spruce 4 Year Cheddar
  • Cabot Bandaged Cheddar
  • Mature English Cheddars

Golden Fig
Throughout cheese history Mediterranean cheese lovers have often paired fresh and dried figs with different cheeses. They are often used with hard cheese and are excellent with any of the hard cheeses I listed for Apricot preserves. However one of my favorite combinations is one I was tasted with Mary Kheen from Cypress Grove Cheese. She served fig preserves with a wide range of goat cheeses including fresh chevre, ripened and hard. The slight earthiness of Golden Figs preserves compliments the unique flavors of goat cheeses and went perfectly with every style she served. My favorite was with a well-ripened Humboldt Fog.

  • Hard Cheeses
  • Fresh Chevre
  • Humboldt Fog
  • Midnight Moon
  • Truffle Tremor

Tea Rose Petals
This is one the most amazing and unique aromas and flavor you may ever experience in your life. When I introduce people to them I first open the jar and let them smell the rosy aroma that totally penetrates their senses. Then, when they taste them they cannot believe how intense and rosy the flavors are. They do not taste as biter as most flower petals. They don't taste like flowers, they taste like roses. For portioning them, you don't need a spoon, tweezers will do since a tiny amount of these Tea Rose Petals goes a long way.

These things are the dream makers. Every time I have ever sampled these to a chef, I see dreams and visions in their eyes. To a chef, they always seem to have a unique and clear vision of a way they want to use them. I was recently doing a cheese tasting with a famous Swiss Chef. We had just tasted a Gruyere Surchoix that was about 2 years old. It was an incredible cheese and almost brought tears to his eyes. A few minute later,, I introduced him to these Tea Rose Petals. After one whiff of the aroma and a tiny taste of one rose petal he dashed off to a different part of his kitchen. When he returned he brought a bottle of White Truffle Oil with him. He put a few drops of the truffle oil into a small spoon of rose petals and mixed them together. He then asked me to taste the Gruyere and finish that taste with his concoction. That almost brought tears to my eyes. The slight earthiness of the truffle oil softened the sweetness of the Rose Petals and made balance perfectly with the earthy, nutty Gruyere. This is an incredible combination. They way it finally ended up on his menu was a salad of mixed green with a Rose Petal and Truffle Oil Vinaigrette, topped with shredded Gruyere.

  • Gruyere Surchoix
  • Comte
  • Fontina Val D" Aosta
  • Brie, Camembert
  • Epossie
  • Petite Les Frere

Baby Black Walnuts
I grew up on a farm with black walnut trees and I love Black Walnuts, so I knew I would like these. The sweet, nutty flavors of walnuts and even chestnuts came through. With the baby walnuts, the husk and shell are also part of the experience, and the slight crunch is also reminiscent of the crunch of a roasted chestnut.

My favorite cheese pairing for the walnuts is with Blue Cheese. As pears are quintessential parings with Blue Cheese, walnuts also have a great affinity for Blue cheese. Cooked in simple syrup, the sweetness contrasts the salty, intense, blue flavors and clears them from your palate.

These walnuts also pair well with Fresh or Soft Ripened Chevre. One recipe I recently served as a passed appetizer was a Chevre, Blue & Walnut Napoleon. It was stunning! The walnuts were also outstanding in a quick version of Baklava I made with Apricot preserves and sliced walnuts. Last but not least, don't waste the leftover syrup in the jar. It is a simple syrup with a nutty note that I use to season many desserts and pastries. For an incredibly unique Baklava, instead of honey, brush the phyllo dough with this walnut syrup. It's also great over ice cream sundaes!

  • Any Blue Cheese
  • Fresh or Soft Ripened Chevre

Other Things you Must Try!

Yogurt is very popular in today's lifestyle and the breakfast of millions. For all the delicious flavors and health benefits related to yogurt, if you want a fruit variety they are most often too sweet, loaded with fruit flavors, but little fruit. If you want a perfect blend of fruit and yogurt, put a spoon of almost any Harvest Song preserve in the bottom of a cup, top with your favorite yogurt, and then top with another small spoon of preserves. With tons of fresh fruit, minimal sugar, and no pectin used in their production, the intense fresh fruit flavors are allowed to be themselves and make a perfect, natural, healthy fruit yogurt.

Sparkling Cocktails
Life is short and sometimes you should eat dessert. Accordingly, we often kick off wine & cheese receptions by serving guests a dollop of Mascarpone on a warm ginger snap biscuit, fresh berries, and a welcoming glass of Champagne or Sparkling wine. While they still have some Sparkling in their glass we take them on to nice ripe Brie served simply on French bread coins. On one occasion the Sparkling Wine they sent us was not what we ordered. It was cheap, poor quality, and extremely dry. So dry that it got into a fight with the cheese and they did not pair well together. Instead of putting a strawberry or raspberry in the flute with the Champagne, I put a very small amount of Apricot and Peach Preserves and a tiny amount of Tea Rose Petals in the bottom of a Champagne flute. When the Sparkling Wine was poured over the top of the fruit, it's bubbles brought the fruit into the drink and it was absolutely delicious with the cheese. I am not a mixologist, but I quickly became famous for this Sparkling cocktail. Morning, noon or night, people love it! For those preferring non-alcoholic beverages it also works well in sparkling water, especially San Pellegrino.

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The apricot is so buttery, perfect on a biscuit. Really good stuff.

J. Slab - Pork Tuesday

I am an apricot preserve lover and this product is excellent and well worth the cost. I have given the nicely packaged jars as gifts. Packaging for the jars is exceptional.


I purchased the Apricot Preserves. We in fact just finished that jar! I then went back and purchased the Rose Petal Preserve which I served for dessert over chocolate pound cake with vanilla ice cream. That was divine. Your jams are great, please keep Jefferson Market stocked with them!

Maura Geils

New fave cheese companion: Harvest Song preserves. Tea rose and sour cherry are best flavors, the stinkier the cheese the better.

TWITTER @carondg

This preserve on a water cracker or a crostini with a slice of manchego or a great cheese is absolutely fabulous. Try it and see what I mean.


We Use Harvest Song Tea rose Preserve in our ganache to make exquisite tea-Rose Petal Truffle. The flavor is subtle and delicious. Our customers Love it!

Elizabeth Garber, The Best Chocolate in town Indianapolis, Indiana

These preserves remind me of my childhood growing up in Greece.

Executive Chef of Carlyle Hotel, Jimmy Sakatos

I love your product!!

Robert Davis

I grew up in Southern California and there was a fig tree in practically every back yard then. Try and find a fresh fig in a SoCal supermarket now. So fig lovers search for them everywhere and these preserves bring back wonderful memories. Maybe just a little too sweet for some tastes but that's a small price to pay. Try a tablespoon on a little less than a cup of Greek yogurt. Absolutely delicious for under 200 calories and the yogurt is practically a perfect food.


Found your walnuts in a small store in Philadelphia and they were amazing with cheese. Can't wait to serve them again.

Cheryl, New Jersey

Over a year ago I had read the book THE KITE RUNNER. In the book, the young boy has fresh pita bread with sour cherry jam for breakfast every morning. The way the jam was described in the book was nothing that I had ever tasted in the United States. After reading the book, I would often search the jam sections of stores in New York City - but nothing seemed 'right'. I even bought a few sour cherry jams, and was always disappointed. I was desperate to find this jam!

One day I found my way into a store in Manhattan, and I saw the sour cherry jam from Harvest Song. When I picked up the jar, and saw the way the jam 'moved' in the jar, I became very excited. I recall that in the book the sour cherry jam the boy ate was very 'spreadable'. Which implied to me that the jam was very fresh, and had less holding it together than the jams I've had. I then noticed on the Harvest Song label that the jam has no pectin. I thought "this must be it!" The jam in the book must not only have been very fresh, but also had no pectin! The clincher was when I saw that Harvest Song was made in Armenia. THE KITE RUNNER takes place in a country in that part of the world, and it made sense that the preparation that Harvest Song uses to make its jam would be something similar, if not exact.

I brought home my 'find', toasted my 7 grain bread, put on a bit of almond butter, and then spread my Harvest Song sour cherry jam. I was in heaven! I knew I had found the perfect jam, and my long search was over.

Thank you, Harvest Song. You now have a life long customer.

Scott New York City


Scott S., NYC

Your preserves are the best I have ever found for my family.

Hollie Plemons

The rose petal jam in particular is WONDERFUL!

Jean G, Seattle, WA

I LOVE your products, from spreading the preserves on biscuits, to just eating the peaches right from the jar!! Keep up the great work!

Hadiya, Ohio

I loved your story and love your preserves especially the fig jam. Be well and keep spreading the love. A grateful customer.


I have a jar of the walnuts on hand, a bottle of Makers Mark 46 and am ready to make the old fashioned cocktail this evening!  I am certain I will enjoy it. I also tracked down the Nux Alpina nocino and am eager to try the Black Glove. I think it will be devine!

CharleneCharlene L, Winsted, CT

I bought this product with trepidation because in the past I'd tried other fig preserves that were extremely disappointing - too much sugar, or bad figs, or somebody held their pinky the wrong way. Just bad.

I held my breath when I opened up the Harvest Song Gourmet jar and took a spoonful out to taste. Then the heavens opened! Choirs of Angels sang! Tiny bluebirds rested on my shoulders! Okay, not really, but this stuff was the real thing - it tastes *exactly* like Grandma's homemade. Exactly. That she made in her kitchen in New Orleans 40 years ago with figs that Grandpa grew in the backyard.

So if you are a fig lover, I highly recommend these preserves - they are to die for. If you've never tried figs or especially fig preserves, you don't know what you're missing!

Red Writing Hood, Washington State

I love Tea Rose Preserves but have the hardest time finding it.

The preserves are so good.

I'm really impressed that the preserves dont contain pectin.

You can really taste the difference between other preserves brands and the Harvest Song one.

The Apricot & White Cherry Preserves is absolutely delicious!


Whole Foods Customers

These Preserves are so delicious and really have a clean, fresh taste. Overall the product is WINNER from the look of the package to how it smells and tastes.

Cristina Ferrare

This review is only for people who like figs. These preserves are the best I have ever had. I plan to buy them again after they are gone.


...Your reputation is incredible and growing by the minute - quite impressive. As perhaps I told you on the phone, our family has been in the flour business for many years. I am the third generation of the Uhlmanns to own and run Heckers and Ceresota flour.

Paul Uhlmann III

Sylvia, You make gorgeous jams

Joyce, SF, CA

After enjoying Harvest Song fig preserve for sometime, I read about the woman who is behind Harvest Song. Wow, she is the Grande Dame of preserve making. Kudos to Sylvia and Armenia

Claude, United Nations, New York

I love your product. I always give it as gifts and even posted your site on my face book page! I have a question, what song is that in the homepage? It's beautiful.

Terra Khachooni

I bought this as a gift for several people and they all love it. It is a very delicate preserve with just enough fig taste. Very, very good. Will get it again. And I recommend this to anyone who likes figs.

Anne Mansfield

Just like Grandma used to make!

I bought this product with trepidation because in the past I'd tried other fig preserves that were extremely disappointing - too much sugar, or bad figs, or somebody held their pinky the wrong way. Just bad.

I held my breath when I opened up the Harvest Song Gourmet jar and took a spoonful out to taste. Then the heavens opened! Choirs of Angels sang!


Love your Jam, Absolutely GREAT product, Best jam around!

Leigh H.

These walnuts are unbelievable!! Never had anything like them...very hard to find. Delicious paired with Gorgonzola

Michelle Frobel

I bought the sour cherry and it was divine mixed with cream cheese and spread on a bagel. Thank you so much for offering such a fantastic product! Thanks.

Rachel M., Central Market customer/ Dallas, Texas


Thank you for the great preserves. Everyone really enjoyed it….

Especially my mom! Good luck in 2012

Guy Fieri

Your preserves are absolutely marvelous! I came across your pear and apple in a random store here and I knew it was special so I brought it home and opened it to share with a guest staying with me from Slovenia. We were in heaven. I started a raw cacao global business and work with the earth, eating organic foods etc and I just ordered three more kinds of your preserves. Thank you for what you make. This is how we should create upon the earth. :)


Hi Sylvia,

Thank you so much for your wonderful and personal service! The jams arrived Tuesday--so perfectly packed, I hated to take them out of the box. Each individual jar is beautiful but when you can see them all together, they are amazing! I was really surprised since I had only seen the apricot and fig at the store. The two varieties looked great but the jars look even better when there are several different kinds. The rice paper colors are so rich and delicious looking. If only I had a store of my own...

Yesterday we opened the black currant and it was delicious! I surprised by how tangy and not too sweet it was. I can hardly wait to try all the others.

I watched your video after we spoke. It was fun to see what you look like--actually I wasn't surprised. I had pictured you pretty much like that from our phone conversation. I enjoyed the information and presentation. What a pretty wall you had behind you.

We'll definitely be in touch to order more jams. Once again, thank you.


Susan M.

So if you are a fig lover, I highly recommend these preserves - they are to die for. If you've never tried figs or especially fig preserves, you don't know what you're missing!


I paired your apricot preserves with a remarkable cracker (34 degree crisp bread) and a wonderful soft brie (President). The combination was fabulous! Can't wait to serve this at my next gathering!

Hunter St. Claire

I got to use your Sour cherry at dinner, The ambassador and his wife loved it.

Chef Lars Ulstein, Norwegian Embassy

I LOVE your jams! Thank you.

Indra B, San Diego, CA

Found it at Kroger, tried it on a lark while looking to change my fig/cheese routine. They are fabulous preserves! I am addicted! It is also my favorite gift add-ons; who doesn't love a super quality preserve? Thank you for the lovely products!


I have just sent off the baby Walnut Preserves and the Tea Rose Petal Preserves to our Chef daughter in Australia. I could not wait because I know no one would appreciate them more than she! I'm saving the Strawberry and Apricot for special occasions for us.

Carolyn Holt Andress

I purchased your Golden Fig Preserve today and we had some with a bit of Brie....I never would have noticed the product in our local PUBLIX in Ft. Lauderdale if it had not had the paper cover. Great marketing...great product

Daniel K.

Excellent! My grandmother made it for me before arriving from Syria 60 years ago! This is even better! Congratulations!

Rafael Kassin Nessin, Syria

To the dear folks at Harvest Song Ventures;

Thank you so much for your time and efforts on my behalf...Needless to say I am extremely fond of your products and have never tasted anything so heavenly. I have ordered from your company once before and was so impressed that I have not stopped talking about them to friends and family alike. I did manage to take one of the walnuts and slice it into 20 very tiny servings along with some of the liquid and hand it out to family and friends to sample. The rest I kept for my self. It was a glorious start to each day through the Christmas season.

Thank you again for introducing your products to the USA...what a God sent you all are.

Sincerely your devoted customer,
Sharron J. Stevenson

PS your products give this old lady much pleasure.


Sharron J. Stevenson

The jam had a clean taste. You can taste the difference of the jam from other jams.


I am sitting here in my office in Palm Beach Florida eating some fresh baked muesli bread and Harvest Song Apricot Preserve with a touch of diet cream cheese and I'm in heaven! At first I thought there would be a lot of sugar in it---but then I looked and there is a small amount---I wish you could make some with splenda so I could eat the whole jar and not feel guilty! It tastes like you use the ripest fruit that just melts with flavor when you cook it! I purchased it at Market Salamander in Palm Beach and have been telling everyone about it. I almost want to make a stick it note praising its flavor and attach it to the jar the next time I go in there so that everyone will try it...I cant wait to try the flavors. Thank you for making such a great product and I am sure your countrymen in Armenia will be kept employed for a long time with these great products. From one sales person to another...I will tell all the Pam Beachers what they are missing!

Anne Knopf, Director of Sales Heart of the Palm Beach Hotel

55 years ago I was in  Cypress &  tasted the most wonderful sweet walnut treat.

I tried to describe it and unsuccessfuly tried to find the little old woman who gave it to me. I have experimented endlessly to no avail. In fact, most people thought I was dreaming or exaggerating.

And then there was the little item about you in the paper!

Thank you.


This was a gift for my 90 year old grandmother. She was so pleased with your product she didn't want to eat it too fast and use it up! If her friends were very lucky they got a taste of it too. No one had ever tasted a fig spread as delicious as yours. This is high praise indeed seeing as no one was younger than 70! I want to add my thanks to you for making me the best grand-daughter ever!


Fantastic. I ate the whole jar in four days! It was so delicious. I can't wait to buy more! And the tart, not too sweet, just soooo delicious, addictive ... thank you!

Pamela, Miami, FL

At the "Wine Spectator" VIP event they were blown away by Harvest Song Tea-Rose Petal preserve.

Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario

I found your jar in my boyfriend's fridge. He sure does have GREAT taste for jam. I LOVE your apricot. YUM!!!!!!!!

Lia, NYC, New York

Sylvia, I met you in Napa. Your rose petal jam is heaven on my yogurt.

Susan, Napa Valley California

Just wanted to tell you that these are exquisite preserves, we are loving them so much and will order more to give as Christmas gifts.

Anne, Leonia, NJ

I have tried your fabulous Apricot and Strawberry jams for the first time - a friend of mine who lives in NJ, who is a Regional Food and Beverage Director was so impressed by your product that he brought them all the way to LA telling me "I found the best jam in the world, better than the French ones (he's french), and it's from Armenia (as I'm an Armenian). I was so proud when I saw the packaging of your product, its phenomenal taste and immediately got online to order a case of your jams.

Suzanne Der Sahakian

Your wonderful jam was a thank you gift given to me by a patient and I love it.

Dr. ES, New York City

I first bought these preserved walnuts at a local specialty gourmet and wine shop because I was curious having never seen anything like them before. The shop person suggested slicing thinly and serving with cheese and crackers. Both the texture and flavor were unexpected and wonderful. The walnuts look like giant dark olives as they are made from immature green walnuts whose shells are still undeveloped and attached. They have a very interesting texture; not crunchy like a fresh walnut but dense and somewhat juicy from the preserving syrup. Everyone who has tried them at our house has LOVED them. So far I have only served them sliced on a cheese tray but I intend on edging my next Italian Cheesecake with the preserved walnuts diced. There are interesting flavors that dance around on your tongue; kind of cinnamony. I've given jars of these as gifts and they have been well received.


Cannot say enough how good this is. While we have some Harvest Song products around the supermarkets they have yet to carry the Golden Fig. Once it's gone we order some more!


I don't have a question. Just a comment. Your Sour Cherry perserves is AMAZING.

Terri Tweed

I came across your quince preserve from one of my local stores in East Kilbride, Scotland UK.

Just to let you know I think it is absolutely delicious. I plan on returning to the store tomorrow to purchase the other varities they have on offer.


Just recently I purchased a jar of your Apricot Preserves. They are delicious. I at first wondered if they were too expensive for me, but decided after tasting them at the market, I couldn't resist. And I wasn't sorry. They are so good. We had company stay with us, and served the preserves and they were very impressed too.Thanks for such good products.

Carol Murphy

It was all natural and it contained almost all fruit.


I met Sylvia at the Maywood Market which sells the preserves and I told her my favorite was the Apricot & White Cherry...I had used it to cook pork and chicken was fabulous!!!!

Maureen Hillenius

We just purchased a few different jams of your line. Being from Austria, where we have Darbo and Staud's, naturally I was a bit skeptic about your apricot jam. Ehm, what can I say. We are blown away. The flavor gave me instant flashbacks when my mother would make jams at home. We love it, love it, love it.

H. Peter

My husband loves apricot preserves on his breakfast toast. But not just any apricot preserve. We used to buy apricot preserves from an Amish farming couple in upstate New York, but they retired last year. A crisis, my husband tried 9 different jams. There was an lovely artisanal one from France but it was nearly twenty dollars a jar! Smuckers was a bargain and it is a decent honest product but a little too sweet for his taste.

And then we found Harvest Song on Amazon! Although not cheap with a price halfway between the French jam and Smuckers. It is worth it, with its just right natural flavor, consistency and sunny color.


Your preserves are a big hit, we use the Rose Petal on the Foie Gras and the others with the cheese course.

Carrie Nahabedian, Co-owner of NAHA Restaurant Winner of James Beard Foundation 2008

How much I enjoy... Dear Harvest Song, I am now on my second jar of apricot preserve and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your product! The quality is much higher than any other preserve I have tried here in America. Your packaging is beautiful too!You have clearly put a lot of thought and love into your venture. I found you at Whole Foods in Fort Collins Colorado. Wishing you continued success in this changing world.

J. Jerranto

The walnuts are something else, so special, just sweet enough & so unusual in my mouth!


These walnuts are unbelievable!! I've never had anything like it... very hard to find

Michelle F., Windsor, NY

Something to look forward to every morning - Peach Preserve

Jamie M., Taconic, CT

These fig preserves are fantastic!!! I first found them in Maui and bought several jars to bring home. Then I found them in a local gourmet grocery, but they ran out and I'm searching again. I'm wait-listed on Amazon. I can't wait for them to get back in stock. The Apple/Pear preserves by Harvest Song are also most excellent!

My husband loves fig jam and this is by far the best he has ever had. I will reorder this (sooner than I thought since my 14-year old grandson also loves it and he usually does not like jelly and jams). There are nice "pieces" of figs in the jam. Delicious!


1 jar was gone in 2 days.... This is exactly what I was expected. Brings back memories. Had to place another order to satisfy my family.


Zingerman's Z Club introduced my family to these delights. Now that we're moving into a house with a huge black walnut tree, I know what to do with my nuts! These are a must for any home - wonderful on pancakes.


I just opened the sour cherry preserves last night. I served it with sautéed foie gras - really terrific combo, everyone loved it. I highly recommend the pairing.

Josh - Pork Tuesday

I don't know where to begin! This is the best preserve I ever bought! It feels VERY fresh, the texture is perfect (I use mine on farmer's cheese, or russian cottage cheese - my best dessert so far). Almost like home made. Try on with sour cream and blins (thin style pancakes). Mmmmm.... Just the right sweetness, absolutely perfect preserve. If it would cost twice as much I would buy it anyway! I tried strawberry and fig preserves from this company, but so far the Apricot is my favorite. Looking for some more flavors to appear on Amazon, will be happy to try them. Look no further, 3 pack jar will be gone soon. Not because jars are small - just because it is so good! You won't regret!


Finally met Sylvia, founder of Harvest Song at FF show. She is beautiful and passionate about her company.

Sharon, Whole Foods

This jam is absolutely delicious!! Both my husband and I are consuming it at quite a speed. I'm planning to order their other flavors (and, of course, more quince!)

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